NIH Diversity Program Consortium Website

Time Frame: Sept 2020-Present (work in progress)

Team: Me, Engineering team, Marketing team

Methods: Observation, Stakeholder Analysis, Google Analytics, User Interviews, Card Sorting, Wireframing, Visual Design, Prototyping, UI Design

About the DPC

The Diversity Program Consortium (DPC) is an NIH-funded organization with the aim of enhancing diversity in the biomedical workforce. It is made up of a network of academic institutions working together to transform the entire biomedical/STEM infrastructure to bring more diversity to these fields. Given the complexity of the organization and the data it produces, I was tasked to overhaul its’ website to tell the story of the Consortium to a wide audience comprised of academics, college students, institutional leaders, and policy makers.


To transform diversity STEM fields at an institutional level by creating a brand identity for the DPC, strategizing content, and translating its’ data to a broad audience.

Mapping user engagement through analytics

Constructing a site map

Wireframes at different levels of fidelity